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Accommodation and food services






The Accommodation and food services industry includes hotels, hostels, cafes, catering services, pubs, bars and clubs.

Graph – Thriving Score for the Accommodation and Food Services Industry over time

Industry Thriving Score: Progress over Time

Although Accommodation and food services ranked 18th (out of 19), it is pleasing to see increases in all five thriving domains in 2021. In particular, a large increase in the policy domain was seen, indicating workplaces were implementing mental health focused policies and processes such as a mental health strategy, policies against bullying and harassment, providing confidential counselling and support, and having a good return to work policies. Of concern is that 61% of workers in the industry experienced a mental health condition in the last 12 months – the highest for any industry.

What can you do?

If you’d like to improve mental health and wellbeing in your workplace but aren’t sure where to start, consider SuperFriend’s Workplace Wellbeing Audit.

This graph depicts the Thriving Score for the Accommodation and Food Services Industry over time

Graph – Thriving Score for the Accommodation and food services industry over time

SuperFriend’s Workplace Wellbeing Audit
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Within this industry…


of workers have experienced a mental health condition* in the last 12 months
*Refer to Technical report notes


of workers feel their workplace is highly supportive of workers’ mental health and wellbeing


of workers plan to stay with their workplace for the next 12 months

Psychosocial Risk Profile

Psychosocial risks are workplace operations that increase stress and reduce mental wellbeing.
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Inappropriate workload


Low recognition


Poor change management


Poor management support


Low job control


Poor role clarity


Poor workplace relationships


Poor working environment


Traumatic events



Table – Psychosocial Risk Profile for Accommodation and food services industry

Highest Psychosocial Risk

The highest psychosocial risk facing the Accommodation and food services industry is poor change management and low recognition.

How can you manage this risk?

Change is a constant part of our lives and it can be even harder for workers during times of uncertainty such as throughout the pandemic when changes are occurring rapidly. Make sure you’re communicating any changes clearly to everyone in your team, and check-in with workers often, especially if your workplace has had to change processes recently.

When you’re busy, it’s often easy to overlook the importance of recognising good work, but a few words of praise can go a long way. You can create a culture of recognition by:

  • Praising great service and effort right away
  • Displaying gratitude towards workers throughout their shift (e.g., saying “Thank you for your hard work today” before staff finish)
  • Regularly and publicly celebrating successes (e.g., good news stories from customers, staff award program)
  • Rewarding star performers with personalised gifts (e.g., a gift card to their favourite brand), and
  • Ensuring workers are paid fairly (i.e., shift work, working overtime, shorter breaks to help team out).

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You can find more information on managing psychosocial risks for the Accommodation and food services industry here.

SafeWork Australia: Hospitality Mental Health